2015 Brandy Tasting Table Favorites

December 31, 2015

As we bring 2015 to a close here at Distiller, we’ve got just one more thing for you! We brought together as many of the members of the Tasting Table (for whom we are incredibly grateful) as we could, to bring you their personal favorites of the year, in a handy, bite-sized format.

Here are the Distiller Tasting Table’s favorites in brandy from 2015!

Jake Emen:

Hand blended Martell eaux de vie from 1848 & 1875
Part of an exclusive tour at Martell’s facility offers a chance to try an eaux de vie distilled in 1875 and aged for 49 years in the barrel, as well as one distilled in 1848, barrel-aged for 65 years. After trying each, you’re encouraged to mix them together to create a unique blend. You won’t find this in stores, and this experience alone may make a trip to France a worthwhile endeavor.

Courvoisier L’Essence de Courvoisier Cognac
The ultra-premium L’Essence incorporates eau de vie dating to the early 1900s. A spicy nose layered with honey takes you through to a rich, smooth palate with fruity notes.

Martell L’Or de Jean Martell Cognac
This is a super premium from Martell which you will find in certain stores, although certainly, only a very limited number of them. The oldest eaux de vie in the blend is from 1830. Incredibly smooth with flavor notes of raisins, honey, oak, baking spices and caramel.

Rémy Martin Centaure de Diamant Cognac
This Europe-only premium release from Remy Martin incorporates eaux de vies with an average age of 50 years, offering a deep, raisin and nutty profile.

Hennessy 250 Collector Blend
Aged for between 15 and 35 years, the Hennessy 250 Collector’s Blend celebrates the brand’s 250th anniversary. Citrus, spice and honey play together on the nose, leading to a deeper, richer and earthier palate.

Stephanie Moreno:

La Diablada Puro Moscatel Pisco
Not only was this the best brandy I tried this year, it was the best SPIRIT I tried this year. Elegant in the glass, the floral, fruit, and herbal notes work in harmony together.

Osocalis Apple Brandy
This was a brandy that I re-tried this year and it stood out amongst the pack; it is a shame that more people don’t know about it, so I’m here to tell you–buy it!

Delamain Pale & Dry Cognac
This is a classic and elegant brandy–it is always in style; a nice mix of fruit and spice, all with a gentle touch.

Jacky Navarre Vielle Reserve Grande Champagne Cognac
A powerhouse-one that could sway the whisky only folks over to brandy, at least for a dram.

Calvados Adrien Camut 18 Year
Brandy rarely gets its due, particularly Calvados, but this 18 Year from Camut is one that should get all of the accolades. Despite the age, there is still enough apple fruit left to mingle with the spice and toffee.

Omari Wheat:

Navazos-Palazzi Montilla Old Brandy Single Cask (Bottled August 2013)
WOW! Brandy Like this echos in your memory. It is an experience. A depth and richness seldom experienced while somehow possessing refreshing, palate cleansing acidity. A second glass is not even debatable.

Eric Bordelet Selection “Henri Bernard Beudin” 1997 Single Cask Calvados
Marking famed cider producer Eric Bordelet’s entre into Calvados, he brings us this absolutely breathtaking Calvados. Bright and fresh yet hearty and rustic, the concentration and complexity here is truly beyond description. Something like this is best experienced!

Paul Beau Lignee de Samuel Cognac
There is no substitution for a well aged spirit. A blend of 80 & 60 years old eau de Vie’s This Cognac is a rare treat. You can truly taste the history!

Chateau de Laubade Cask Strength 1975 Bas-Armagnac
An important milestone for Laubade. 1975 represents the first years that Laubade began growing and producing all of their brandies. This bottling also represents their first cask strength offering. Exhibiting a power and grace that seldom experienced and beauty of this Armagnac is undeniable!

Reisetbauer Carrot Eau de Vie
A little unexpected (and yes, technically not a brandy as a carrot is not a fruit), there’s a playfulness and beauty that will make you smile with delight! The freshness and deep character of a carrot is rarely captured so perfectly.

John Rankin:

Cognac Dudognon Heritage
All of Dudognon’s Cognac’s are phenomenal, but if you’re buying, I’ll take this one.

Calvados Adrien Camut 18 Year
The perfect combination of oak and orchard fruit.

Chateau du Ravignan Bas-Armagnac 1985
This is my go-to hymn to preach the value/quality gospel of Armagnac

Domaine d’Aurensan Ténarèze Armagnac 20 Ans
A new brandy to the market that shatters any myth that blended Armagnac can’t be profound.

Eric Bordelet Selection “Henri Bernard Beudin” 1997 Single Cask Calvados
My most eagerly awaited release of the year that over-delivered.

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