2015 Tequila & Mezcal Tasting Table Favorites

December 31, 2015

As we bring 2015 to a close here at Distiller, we’ve got just one more thing for you! We brought together as many of the members of the Tasting Table (for whom we are incredibly grateful) as we could, to bring you their personal favorites of the year, in a handy, bite-sized format.

Here are the Distiller Tasting Table’s favorites in tequila & mezcal from 2015!

Amanda Schuster:

Bruxo No. 4 Ensamble Mezcal
I’m very drawn to field blends and this one is just so elegant and pretty to drink.

Tequila Tapatio Exelencia Gran Reserva
A huge surprise. Was expecting it to be “knackered” from the barrel aging, but it has a lot going on and maintains excellent agave funk.

Expresiones del Corazòn Sazerac Rye Añejo Tequila
That touch of rye in the finish lends such an interesting cereal and spice note to the tequila, but doesn’t smother its agaveness.

Espiritu Lauro Reposado Mezcal
Wild, funky, fresh with just the right amount of toast.

Koch el Mezcal Lumbre
Fresh, grapefruity, spicy, a little floral, delicate smoke. All the things I like in a good mezcal.

Ron Bechtol:

Mezcal Pierde Almas Wild Tepextate
The complex body is almost meaty in its intensity, a quality that continues into the moderately long finish.

Rey Campero Madre Cuishe Mezcal
There’s a pleasant edge that emerges underneath the refined and suave overall impression that results in part from double-distillation. A very pretty sipper.

Dulce Vida Extra Añejo Tequila
The finish is lovely and lingering, its heat banked beautifully but still apparent. For sipping by said fire with a faithful spaniel–or significant other.

Tears of Llorona Extra Añejo Tequila
This tequila puts out aromas of caramel flan, dark chocolate, vanilla and dried fruit. On the palate it’s the same in spades, with a little added spice and sweetness from the sherry barrels–and yet Tears is still agave at heart. What a relief.

Stephanie Moreno:

Tequila Arte NOM Selección de 1580 Blanco
An alluring and complex savory tequila. Sip it or mix it, the important thing is that you own it.

Rey Campero Jabalí Mezcal
Ash, sweet hot peppers, and something reminscent of autumn–pumpkin mabye?–all and more are the contributing flavors in this new-to-most mezcal of jabalí (agave Convallis)

La Venenosa Sierra del Tigre (Orange Label)
This raicilla uses a wild agave called Inaequidens. This is a spirit to sip and get to know, both the spirit and yourself. Take your time. It is unique, and perhaps not for everyone to experience, but you wont’ know until you try.

Mezcal Vago Tobalá
Because to not include it on my Top 5 list would be completely greed-based and me not wanting it to be sold out so there isn’t any left for me. Doing my best to be included on Santa’s nice list.

Fortaleza Blanco Tequila
This is a tequila that has character and substance and is a good yardstick by which to measure other valley tequilas.

Omari Wheat:

Mezcal Los Siete Misterios Pechuga 2013
Easily one of the finest Pechugas available. Pechugas can be quite hit or miss even among the best producers but Los Siete Misterios raised the bar on what a pechuga can be. Choosing grace over power, this mezcal is soft lush and fruit driven. This one is certainly worthy of your contemplation.

El Jolgorio Madrecuixe Mezcal
A bit unusual for a Madrecuixe. Classic notes of pepper and herbs dominate but with a bright fruit driven edge. This mezcal is deep, compelling and is a sign of why El Jolgorio is quickly establishing itself as one of the top mezcal brands.

Koch el Mezcal Coyote
This is one of those Mezcals that reminds us what’s great about this category. Unaged and unadulterated, just a pure and complex expression of this rare and precious plant.

La Venenosa Costa Raicilla (Green Label)
Truly a relic from the past; made exactly the way it would have been made 500 years ago this traditional Raicillia will make you think of the past while at the same time challenging everything you think you know about spirits.

Sotol Por Siempre
Technically not an agave spirit as the sotol plant is not an agave, however for many reasons sotol deserves to be part of the Mexican spirits conversation. With the piñas roasted in underground hornos and made exactly as you would expect traditional or ancestral mezcals to be, Por Siempre brings us true artisanal Sotol. Made in very small batches, this is a very impressive offering

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