“Generally speaking, bourbon has overtaken Scotch”

December 12, 2013

“Generally speaking, bourbon … has overtaken Scotch. The best whisky is coming not from Scotland any more, but from Kentucky. [Buffalo Trace, a bourbon distillery, is] arguably the best distillery in the world.”

Jim Murray, author of the annually-updated “Whisky Bible” has gone on-record as stating that US whiskey, in particular the bourbons coming out of Buffalo Trace, are now the best whiskeys in the world, upsetting the time-honored belief of the best coming from the original home for Whisky – Scotland. Now, while we hold back the urge to throw a “USA! USA! USA!” chant out there, Rosemary Gallagher of the Scotch Whisky Association believes that this is simply a matter of Mr. Murray’s personal tastes. And, we can’t help but wonder – what do YOU think? Is American better than Scotch? Are we forgetting about the Irish, Japanese, Indian, Aussie, Canadian (and everyone else’s out there) versions of the elixir? Or would you even go so far as to call it an apples to oranges comparison?

Scotch Malt is no match for American Whiskey [Jake Wallace Simons // The Telegraph]

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