The Long Haul: Cardinal Spirits Distillery Build

August 26, 2014

The Long Haul: Cardinal Spirits Distillery Build

It’s been a little while since we’ve had the chance to catch up with the folks at Cardinal Spirits as they continue their work towards completing their brand new distillery. The construction is coming along nicely, ever-nearing completion, with a video tour of the new facility.

From the source

“We had delays, and we’re over budget.” said every building owner, ever. I’ve learned that delays and budget overruns are pretty much the rule rather than the exception for construction projects. Luckily, we planned for them, and are still pretty much on schedule for starting initial production in October.

We’ve learned a lot during the process of designing and building our distillery – it seems like we learn about a new concept every day, only to quickly move on to the next. It reminds me a little of the Matrix, where they can just learn to fly a helicopter by downloading the knowledge, and can fly away in a matter of seconds.

Going into this thing, we didn’t know anything about the glamorous and sensual world of municipal waste water treatment. So we read books, worked with environmental engineers, hired water analysis firms, and met with lots of city officials. Eventually we came up with a good strategy for treating our stillage. So, now we know how to do that. Will we ever use that knowledge again? Maybe, if we build another production facility someday. But as soon as that hurdle was crossed, we had to learn about HVAC system design, then we had to learn about state and municipal health codes for beverage service… it’s never-ending. And it’s a hell of a lot of fun if you love solving problems.

Everyday we are making steady progress on the building. It’s exciting to see our new home coming together. There are a lot of pieces in motion and it’s a slow process, but we are at the stage where you can start to see how everything will look when it comes together. Soon we’ll have doors and windows instead of holes in our walls, and soon after we’ll have a working distillery that we can be proud of.

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