The 50th Anniversary of ‘Official’ Bourbon

May 2, 2014

Making it official

“… Resolved by the Senate (the House of Representatives concurring), That is is the sense of Congress that the recognition of Bourbon whiskey as a distinctive product of the United States be brought to the attention of the appropriate agencies of the United States Government toward the end that such agencies will take appropriate action to prohibit the importation into the United States of whisky designated as “Bourbon whiskey”. Agreed to May 4, 1964.“

While this weekend finds Bourbon fans in the US turning an eye toward Mint Juleps and the Kentucky Derby – and Sunday will bring about ‘Star Wars Day’ – we’re opting to focus on something even more momentous in our minds. Sunday marks the 50th anniversary of Congress’s recognition of Bourbon as a spirit wholly unique to the United States. We think that’s pretty awesome. And, in the ‘spirit’ of the day, here are our top ten bourbons that you could easily put your hands on in time to raise a glass in recognition on May the 4th.

  1. Evan Williams Single Barrel
  2. Elijah Craig 12
  3. Noah’s Mill Bourbon
  4. Baker’s Bourbon
  5. Russell’s Reserve 10 Year Bourbon
  6. Four Roses Small Batch
  7. Elmer T. Lee Bourbon
  8. Rebel Reserve
  9. 1792 Ridgemont Reserve
  10. Maker’s Mark

And as always – if you’re looking for a new recommendation or bottle to try, download the Distiller app to help guide your way on iOS and Android.

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