Distiller’s Father’s Day whiskey recommendations

June 4, 2014

Father’s Day Whiskey Recommendations

As with any holiday, there’s no shortage of “What To Give” lists popping up all over for Father’s Day. We could easily have any of the members of The Distiller Tasting Table craft lists of varying complexity – but we’re taking a different route to point you in the right direction for dear old dad this year.

We’ve chosen instead to let our data lead the way. What you see below isn’t hand picked by us or our experts (or an intern), but rather our users – whiskey fans of every level, from around the globe. These ten comprise the current, most-wished-for bottles in Distiller. What we can (and do, gladly) attest to is that each of these is most definitely a superb choice for your old man, whether he’s an aficionado or just beginning to explore the whiskey side of life. And, apart from a couple of outliers, the majority should be easily located at your local liquor store, at a pretty reasonable price to boot.

Click through on the name of each bottle for our full review, including description, score, and tasting notes:

  1. Willett Family Estate Bottled Rye
  2. Evan Williams Single Barrel
  3. Talisker 10
  4. George T. Stagg
  5. Russell’s Reserve 10 Year Bourbon
  6. W.L. Weller 12
  7. Ardbeg Uigeadail
  8. Lagavulin 16
  9. Four Roses Small Batch
  10. Yamazaki Single Malt 18

And of course – you can always point dad to Distiller and let him make his own wishlist!

Cheers, to your health.

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