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January 3, 2014

The Dawn of Israeli Whisky

The Milk & Honey Distillery has just wrapped up a round of funding on IndieGoGo – and pretty successfully at that, bringing in $10k more than their goal amount of $65k. They’ve got the stills and space, but launched the campaign to purchase the more consumable supplies that a distillery requires. In their own words, their first batch will be a Speyside/Highland inspired bottling,

“Our goal is to make a fruity, flavorful whiskey that is not too sweet. It’s the type of whiskey that enthusiasts and newcomers should both enjoy. The Israeli climate will have a unique influence upon the flavors of our whiskey.

In the future we look forward to making other editions. We have already been asked to think about making a Holy Land Bourbon edition or even some quality Jerusalem Moonshine. The Milk & Honey Distillery will be a traditional craft whiskey distillery but we’ll also make sure to be creative.”

Regardless of what they choose to bottle, we’re definitely intrigued to see new distiller cropping up all over the world, and eager to get our hands on a dram of this israeli whisky!

Image Credit: The Milk & Honey Distillery

Source: Startup Promises to Bring First Whisky Distillery to Israel [Monty Munford // Business Insider]

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