Say hello to the London Distillery Co.

December 23, 2013

London Whiskey? Okay, we’ll bite!

They’re the first company to produce Whisky in London in 109 years. While it may not seem like such a stretch for a distillery to set up shop in the UK (cough, scotch, irish, australian, canadian, cough), it actually does mark the rebirth of a craft whisky that is unique to London. Unfortunately, it’ll be at least 2017 until we can get our hands on a bottle, it would seem. Rollo Ross (for Reuters) recently took a tour of their inner-workings to provide some more insight.

The distillery has been using local ingredients that were employed in whisky production in London more than a century ago. Barley is sourced from Warminster Maltings, Wiltshire, and yeast comes from Surebrew in Surrey.

“We’re looking at heritage, so there’ll be a lot more flavor profile there, basically,” Rook said.

Distillers revive London whisky after 100-year drought [Rollo Ross // Reuters]

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