5 questions with Adam Turla of Murder By Death

August 14, 2014

Five questions with Adam Turla of Murder By Death

While the band’s name may spark notions of death metal and violence, Murder By Death (named for the 1976 comedy of the same name by Neil Simon, starring Peter Sellers) falls more closely to a style combined of americana and gothic, black comedy and film references. Formed in college in the early 00’s, the band has grown and adapted over time, and took their previous success to Kickstarter, where they were one of the most successful music projects ever on the platform. With deep roots in the midwest, and a long term appreciation for whiskey, we asked Adam (vocals, guitars) five questions –

1. As directly mentioned in many of the band’s songs, whiskey is a prevailing theme. Is there an intrinsic quality to whiskey that you find draws you to it? Or is it simply that you’re a fan?

I remember 1999, my freshman year at college, when an older, wiser friend said to me “You should drink whiskey.” I had tried everything, but hadn’t really given straight whiskey a shot. I knew right away that bourbon was the drink for me. It’s also regional, the band is from Bloomington, IN but I now live in Louisville, KY. I think there’s a pleasure in having pride in your local drink, and bourbon is certainly being celebrated lately.

2. You’ve managed to travel quite extensively as a band. Has there been a favorite spot where you always know you’ll find what you like, venue, bar, or otherwise?

There are cities that I always love to go back to, Denver, San Francisco, Savannah- places where the shows are great and the food and drink are top notch. It’s funny tho, sometimes the places that you don’t expect much out of turn to have great refuges. For example, there’s a great tapas bar in Omaha. That’s the best part of touring in the last decade- a lot of cities have become much more entertaining. Des Moines, IA has two great venues, and it used to be rough for shows. Kansas City has become a really cool town in the last ten years. I am constantly surprised at the growth of shows and quality restaurants in the south and midwest.

3. On the same theme of travel, where would you say was the most interesting?

Belfast was pretty wild. When we went in 2004, it was a tense place with a delicate touch to try and keep arguments concerning religion at bay. We had to cover up our tattoos at a bar we went for dinner because they don’t want political tattoos to start fights there. I also love going to Alaska, and our week of shows in The Virgin Islands was amazing.

4. The MBD Whiskey Crew, your semi-unofficial fandom certainly likes to show you their love. What are some of the things fans have done to get the band’s attention?

We have been given a lot of homemade moonshine. That’s pretty serious. Also the kickstarter we did had people who bought a trip with us to Cedar Point. So that’s cool.

5. Your top five bottles?

Here’s just a few (in no order) I like a lot:
Pappy Van Winkle
Michters Rye
Bulleit (great mainstream price point and easy to find)
And of course, the traditional Louisville cheap but good drink, Old Forester

For more information on MBD, make sure to check out their site and follow them on twitter.

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