Table Talk: Brock Schulte

July 11, 2014

Meet Brock Schulte!

In our continuing efforts to bring you the best team possible to provide expert reviews as the Distiller Tasting Table, we’re proud to introduce you to one of the newest additions – Brock Schulte. As an independent restaurant and bar program consultant, Brock’s experience is welcomed to The Table.

Distiller: How long have you been in the spirits industry?
BS: I have been working in the industry anywhere from busboy or grill to server, trainer, bar manager and currently bartender and bar consultant for the past 8 years.

D: When did you really start to delve more specifically into whiskey?
BS: Actually, I really only got into whiskey within the past 3 years. I was kind of a softie and could only handle clear spirits before then. Interestingly enough, cachaça and mezcal are great gateway spirits into Scotch and American style whiskey.

D: Is there an inherent trait that draws you to whisk(e)y?
BS: More often than not it is the spiciness and burn in the back of the palate from good rye whiskies that I’m most drawn to. It is much like the way Pimm’s No. 1 in a Wimbledon or Pimm’s Cup tickles the back of your throat, except in whiskey it is amplified a 1000 times.

D: Any ‘dream’ bottles that you’d love to be able to taste some day?
BS: Being on the right side of the bar, I have been particularly lucky to taste everything behind it. My motto is always “if I don’t know what it tastes like, I can’t sell it” so really most things have been within my grasp.

D: There’s been a boom in world malt productions, is there something new hitting the market that you’re particularly interested in?
BS: I’d love to see what the malts out of Japan will be like in the next 10 years. Comparing some 30 year Japanese malts to 30 year Scotch malts is very intriguing to me.

D: Current Favorite?
BS: Probably my favorite thing I have ever tasted was Rittenhouse 25 year rye.

D: Given that the costs of high end spirits can often be prohibitive, is there a more wallet-friendly bottle sitting at the top of your go-to list these days?
BS: Four Roses Yellow Label, Rittenhouse Bottled in Bond and the 86 proof Old Grand Dad are some of my favorites all under $25.

D: Anything else you’d like to add for those of us who are just beginning the whiskey journey?
BS: Just because it’s more expensive definitely doesn’t mean it’s better!!!

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