What’s Your Taste of 2018?

December 20, 2018

This year we wanted to give you all your own gift from Distiller. Your Taste of 2018 gives you a personalized image that includes your highest rated spirit of the year, your most-Tasted spirit style and your own custom flavor profile. Your flavor profile is a combination of all of the spirits you Tasted for the year, weighted for the ones you liked best.

Distiller's Taste of 2018

You can share your Taste of 2018 to Twitter and Facebook, or save the image to post to Instagram. Let everyone know what your favorite picks of the year were!

View Your Taste of 2018 Now

Your Taste of 2018 can be accessed at any point from your profile on distiller.com by clicking the Taste of 2018 link. The link will stay up until January, so make sure you save your image.

Happy Holidays from everyone here at Distiller, we hope you get to sip something delicious and relax.

With Distiller, you’ll always know what’s in the bottle before you spend a cent. Rate, Review, and Discover spirits! Head on over to Distiller, or download the app for iOS and Android today!

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