Growth is Good, Growth is Bad

March 6, 2014

The whiskey boom, and what it means for you

The industry, particularly in the last few years, has been experiencing a whiskey boom. While this is spectacular news for the industry, it also raises some very real concerns. As demand goes up, and US exports skyrocket, there’s a very real concern of a coming shortage whiskey. Add in the factors of the aging processes and general demand growth from a younger generation, and that concern becomes an eventuality. Elizabeth Gunnison Dunn has written a pretty brilliant piece on the topic over at Esquire –

“The precise state of distillers’ whiskey reserves remains ever-mysterious, a trade secret held close from the prying eyes of booze journalists. But the writing on the wall is that this dramatic increase in demand for aged whiskey has distillers scraping the bottom of the barrel, so to speak, wishing they could travel back to the 90’s and lay down more stock. “The dirty little secret of the Scotch industry is they’ve become addicted to high prices, but they’ve run out of old whisky,” says Ian Buxton, the whisky expert and author of 101 Whiskies to Try Before You Die.”

So where does that leave us? While new scotches may be harder to get to market due to stricter guidelines, we’ve got a feeling that what we will see are more and more ‘maverick’ craft varieties. Whiskies that may not quite be a bourbon or a malt by traditional standards, but use newer ingenuity to create a quality spirit. We’re already seeing that as craft distillers pop up all over the USA, and the trend doesn’t seem to be subsiding.

Source: The Shortage Worth Worrying About: Great Whiskey [Elizabeth Gunnison Dunn //]

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