Distiller Concierge

What is the Distiller Concierge (beta) Program?

This is a trial of a personalized concierge program within Distiller that will aide you in finding the next perfect bottle as a gift or for your own collection. We leverage our extensive database of thousands of reviews with tens of thousands of flavor points, user ratings, expert ratings, and more to help deliver the best possible recommendations for you. When possible we will also pair our recommendations with buy links from Trusted Distiller Retail Partners.

How does the Distiller Concierge (beta) Program work?

Once you fill out the concierge form, your message will be fielded by one of our trained Distiller staff members who look at your request and then work to put together a collection of personalized recommendations for you.

How long will it take to get a response?

Our goal is to deliver responses within 48 hours during weekdays and 72 hours over weekends and holidays. Traffic and visits to Distiller always increase significantly over weekends and holidays which can cause slight delays in response time depending on total request volume.

What kind of response should I expect?

Our Distiller staff will review your request for recommendations, then based upon the parameters that you’ve put forward, we assemble a short list of recommendations personalized to what you’re looking for. When possible we will also include buy links from Trusted Distiller Retail Partners that we have relationships with and can vouch for.