10 Rummy Reasons To Visit Australia

What aren't they making in Australia? There's a huge whiskey boom taking place, delicious wines, and a craft beer scene. Don't forget to add amazing rums to the list!
Jan 11, 2017
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    10 Black Gate Rum
    Sweet & Fruity
    Black Gate distillery has made recent spotlight with their sherry cask whisky, but their rum has always been their pride and joy. Made from fermented refined molasses, the rum is double-distilled in a direct-fired copper pot-still and then matured for two years in a 100-litre ex-Sherry cask. Note: This is only available for sale in Australia.
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    9 Beenleigh Double-Barrel 5 Year Rum
    Fruity & Sweet
    Beenleigh is Australia's oldest distillery, and a proud Queensland product. Made with molasses from Rocky Point sugar mill (15 km away from the distillery), vatted in ex-brandy vats and then matured in ex-bourbon barrels, Beenleigh is an Australian Icon in the rum world, with the 5 year old taking out various awards. Currently, this is only available in Australia.
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    8 Tamborine Mountain Gold Rum
    Fruity & Floral
    Nestled in Queensland, Tamborine Mountain Distillery first began in 1993, when married couple Michael and Alla Ward decided to start experimenting with distilling. Opening their doors to the public in July 1998 with Alla as their distiller, they produce a variety of spirits and liqueurs. First produced 5 years ago, their Gold Rum is made from local molasses and sugar cane from Beenleigh. Aged for 4 years in an American oak barrels. Note: Available only in Australia in 500ml sized bottles.
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    7 Beenleigh Copper Pot Distilled Rum
    Sweet & Rich
    As the name indicates, the rum is copper pot-distilled, using a still known as "The Old Copper”, the only one of its kind in Australia. As Beenleigh says, it was modified a long time ago by “an old German Guy”. After the distillation, it is aged in ex-brandy vats, before being finished in charred American oak barrels for a minimum aging of two years in total. It is crafted with local ingredients. Sold in 1L-sized bottles with availability in western US (at 40% ABV) and in 700ml-sized bottles (at 38% ABV) in Australia.
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    6 Iridium Gold Rum
    Rich & Sweet
    The aged variant of Mt Uncles Platinum Sugar Cane Spirit, Iridium is aged for 4 years in hogshead American oak barrels 2000-feet above sea level. The sugar cane comes from the Arriga Sugar Mill behind the distillery while the rum is distilled in the 1500-L copper pot-still named “Helga”. Crafted by distiller and owner Mark Watkins, the Iridium Gold Rum saw a release in 2012. Note: Availability limited to Australia.
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    5 Ord River Premium Rum
    Sweet & Fruity
    Aged in oak barrels that will go on to hold Hoochery's Raymond B Whisky, this rum is pot-distilled and made with local Ord River Valley wet-season rainwater. As of the closure of the Kununurra Sugar Mill in 2009, Spike had to look elsewhere for his needs. Importing a cane crusher from Columbia, Hoochery Distillery now grows over 3 hectares of sugarcane on their farm, hand-cut and crushed to make all of their rum products. This tasting was completed with a bottle of Vat 36, bottled on 09/16/2015. Note: This is currently only available in Australia
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    4 Stone Pine Barrique Rum
    Spicy & Woody
    Established in 2008, this rum was the flagship rum of the Stone Pine Distillery. A now limited edition bottling from Cask 1, the rum is aged in first-fill Serbian oak barriques and is made with local Australian molasses. Each bottle of the rum is individually numbered, with only 294 produced. This tasting was completed using bottle number 245 from Cask 1 (and named Founders Rum). Note: Availability is extremely limited and found only in Australia.
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    3 Ord River Orverproof Rum
    Fruity & Sweet
    Built on Spike’s farm inside the Ord River Valley in Kununurra, Hoochery Distillery is a small pot distillery, and the oldest distillery in Western Australia. The distillery uses local sugar cane, water and yeast to make their Ord River Overproof Rum with a total distilling capacity of just over 50,000 bottles of rum each year. The rum itself is charcoal-filtered, with maturation in barrel that will go on to mature Spike's Raymond B Whisky. This tasting was completed using a bottle from Vat 35, bottled on 07/23/2015. Note: This is currently only available in Australia.
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    2 Canefire Back Burn Rum
    Sweet & Oily
    Hailing from the Kimberly region of Western Australia, Canefire Rum starts with sugar cane grown from the Ord River Valley in Kununurra. From there, it is harvested into an unrefined sugar, brewed with high quality yeasts, and refined again to remove the unwanted phenols, methanol and fusel oils. Canefire rumsare all Australian-developed, grown, owned, made and bottled in Western Australia. Availability limited to Australia.
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    1 Ord River Spike's Reserve Rum
    Spicy & Fruity
    A limited release from the Hoochery Distillery, Spike's Reserve is aged for 10 years in the distillery’s 300-litre oak barrels, each bottle hand-crafted and numbered. This bottle of rum celebrates the fine craftsmanship of the Hoochery Distillery. This tasting was completed with bottle 097 of 1782, bottled on the 11/11/2011. Note: This is currently only available in Australia.