Celebrate World Whisky Day In Style

May 21st is World Whisky Day, a holiday that celebrates whisk(e)y worldwide. Try celebrating the big day with some of these drams from all over the globe!
May 19, 2016
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    15 High Coast Dálvve Sherry Influence
    Dálvve Sherry Influence is blended from 50 barrels, 29 of these are sherry casks and 21 are bourbon barrels. 54% of the whisky comes from the sherry casks, including all of the smoky component (14.4% of the blend). Ages range from at least five years to a little over six. Around 15,000 bottles have been produced, and about 1,500 of these will be exported to the US. This will be High Coast's first release in the United States.
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    14 Bain's Cape Mountain Whisky
    Bain's Cape Mountain Whisky is made from 100% South African yellow maize and distilled at the The James Sedgwick Distillery in Wellington. This double-matured whisky spends 3 years in first-fill bourbon barrels before it's transferred for finishing in new first-fill bourbon barrels for an additional 18 to 30 months. It has recently become available in select US markets.
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    13 Starward Two-Fold Double Grain
    Starward Two-Fold Double Grain is a whisky made from two Australian grains: wheat (60%) and malted barley (40%). The two grains are distilled and matured separately in Australia red wine barrels. Then the two whiskies are blended and are allowed to marry for a short time before bottling at 40% ABV. Two-Fold Double Grain was released in Australia in 2018, but is available in the US as of fall 2019.
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    12 Kavalan Distillery Select No. 1
    This release from Kavalan is the first single malt from the brand to be created for mixing cocktails. This series called Distillery Select Series was crafted by master blender, Ian Chang. The whisky is matured "in select malt neutral casks" to showcase the characteristics of the Taiwanese climate without too much wood influence. Bottled at 86 proof, it is available in the US beginning September 2018.
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    11 Navazos-Palazzi Palo Cortado Cask Malt Whisky (July 2014)
    Equipo Navazos (Jesus Barquin & Eduardo Oreja) have joined forces with Nicolas Palazzi of PM Spirits to produce this single malt whisky made in northern Spain. It's made from 100% malted Spanish-grown barley, distilled in a pot still, then aged in fresh Valdespino Palo Cortado sherry casks. Though sherry cask aging is prevalent in whisky aging, this type of dry sherry cask is very rare, especially since it's so fresh from the source. Though non-age statement, it is between 4-6 years old.
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    10 Three Ships 5 Year Premium Select
    Three Ships Premium Select Whisky is made by blending together sourced Scotch whisky with malt and grain whiskies distilled and aged at least 5 years at the James Sedgwick Distillery, in Wellington, South Africa. This blended whisky was first released in 1991 and created by Master Distiller Andy Watts, who is only the 6th person to hold the position since the distillery was founded in 1886. Note: This is not available in the U.S.
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    9 Mackmyra First Edition
    The founders of this distillery asked why there weren't any whisky distilleries in Sweden. Was it possible to make in their climate? Well, that question has been answered with a resounding yes. Aging this single malt whisky (produced with barley grown and malted in Sweden, thank you very much) they use virgin European oak grown (where else) in Sweden along with 1st fill American oak barrels.
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    8 Brenne Ten Single Malt (2008 Vintage)
    Brenne Ten is an annual release produced in Cognac, France. The French whisky is a marriage of about four different hand-selected barrels which were filled with spirit distilled in an alembic Charente still. Brenne Ten is aged for a decade in a combination of new French Limousin oak and cognac casks.
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    7 High West Campfire 2018
    The latest edition of High West Campfire now includes a parcel of self-distilled rye, as opposed to entirely sourced whiskeys. Components include straight rye whiskey from MGP (95% rye, 5% malted barley), straight rye whiskey made in-house (80% rye and 20% malted rye), straight sourced bourbon from MGP (75% corn, 21% rye, and 4% malted barley), and sourced blended malt Scotch whisky. The final blend is bottled at 92 proof.
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    6 Pierde Almas Ancestral Corn Whiskey
    Pierde Almas is best known for their mezcals. This is their first whiskey, twice distilled from ancestral corn varieties from Oaxaca, Mexico supplemented by 6% malted barley. This first release is unaged, but additional stocks are in barrel.
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    5 Hakushu 12 Year
    The Hakushu Distillery is one of three owned by Suntory. Located in northern Japan in the forests of Mt Kai Komagatake this is a peated whisky, but it is one comprised of different whiskies produced at the same distillery. The components are a non-peated whisky aged in American oak, a non-peated whisky aged in ex-sherry/Spanish Oak, and a peated whisky aged in American oak. As such, the peat level goes down to a mild 7-9 ppm. Note: Announced in 2018, this product will be discontinued in some markets at some point beginning in 2019 with limited availability in the next few years.
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    4 Lot No. 40 12 Year Cask Strength
    This 12-year-old cask strength whisky is part of the 2017 Northern Borders Rare Collection. The first distillation of this double distilled 100% rye whisky was passed through a short column still with the second distillation passing through a copper pot still. The rye was aged in new oak barrels and bottled at 55%. Limited availability in Canada with a very limited allocation in Europe and the US.
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    3 Red Spot 15 Year Single Pot Still
    Red Spot 15 Year Single Pot Still is matured at least 15 years in a combination of American oak ex-bourbon, ex-sherry butts, and ex-Marsala wine casks. Red Spot was originally produced by the Mitchell family, fine wine & spirits purveyors based in Dublin who are still in business today. The family would mark the casks of whiskeys they aged in Dublin with a spot of colored paint. While the Green Spot and Yellow Spot have been revived, this is the first time for the Red Spot to be reintroduced. Available as of November 2018.
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    2 Compass Box Hedonism
    You might be asking "what is a grain whisky?" In short, it is whisky distilled in a continuous still from a mixture of cereals, most typically wheat, corn, and barley. These whiskies generally are sold very young to other blended whisky companies. What Compass Box have done here is to take grain whiskies from a few different grain distilleries, on average 25 years old, and blended them together. The result is superb.
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    1 George T. Stagg Bourbon (Fall 2019)
    George T. Stagg Bourbon (Fall 2019) is an uncut, unfiltered Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey and is one of the five bottlings in the Buffalo Trace Antique Collection released each fall. Due to many of the barrels having matured on the lower levels of the warehouses, this year's edition is the lowest proof release of Stagg to date. However, it is still a healthy 116.9 proof.