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Jul 20, 2016
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    10 WhistlePig Old World Cask Finish Rye 12 Year
    Spicy & Floral
    The Old World starts with 12 year old, 95% rye whiskey distilled at MGP Distillery in Indiana. The juice then travels to Whistle Pig Farm and Distillery in Vermont's Champlain Valley where Master Distiller Dave Pickerell has finished the rye whiskey in different barrels with unique finishes to them. He then “marries” the 3 distinct barrel finishes (63% Madeira, 30% Sauternes, and 7% Port) to create a truly brilliant expression.
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    9 Lock Stock & Barrel Straight Rye Whiskey 13 Year
    Spicy & Full Bodied
    This rye whiskey is sourced from Canada using grains from the Pacific Northwest. The mash bill is 100% rye and the barrels were hand selected by Rob Cooper from the folks at Alberta Distillery Limited in Calgary. 13 Year-old rye whiskey doesn't come around every day, so expect to pay-to-play. The impressive packaging must be commented on: the black glass bottle is very nicely designed, wrapped in tissue paper, sealed with a wax stamp, and enclosed in a dark wooden box. Rye lovers should add this to your wish list!
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    8 Michter's US*1 Toasted Barrel Finish Rye (2017 Release)
    Rich & Full Bodied
    This Kentucky straight rye is made by taking Michter's US*1 Single Barrel Rye at barrel strength and finishing it in a secondary barrel. These finishing barrels are made from 24 month air-dried staves. The barrels were toasted, not charred. As the rye whiskey is bottled at cask strength, the proof will vary. On average, it is 108.6 proof. This limited release is hitting shelves beginning September 2017.
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    7 Angel's Envy Rye Finished in Caribbean Rum Casks
    Rich & Spicy
    Angel’s Envy was founded in 2010 by master distiller Lincoln Henderson, creator of such brands as Woodford Reserve and Gentleman Jack during his time at Brown-Forman. Since his passing in 2013, his son Wes Henderson has been at the helm with his son Kyle working right alongside him. Following the success of its port barrel finished bourbon, the brand released a rye whiskey. This rum finished whiskey spends up to 18 months in Caribbean rum casks. It is bottled at 50% ABV. .
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    6 WhistlePig The Boss Hog Straight Rye Whiskey
    Spicy & Vanilla
    Make sure you've got on your big boy pants for this one as The Boss Hog doesn't mess around. Bottled at cask strength it is 100% single barrel rye whiskey and aged for just over 12 years. Limited availability so please seek out at the finest retailers or whiskey bars for your best opportunity to taste.
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    5 Willett Family Estate Bottled Rye 4 Year
    Rich & Full Bodied
    One of the best new ryes released in the past year, this cask strength, 4 year old rye is phenomenal! All the rye flavors you love, but with some bourbon notes to boot. This bottle looks, smells and drinks like a whiskey 3 times the price.
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    4 WhistlePig Old World Series Madeira Finish 12 Year
    Sweet & Rich
    The Madeira barrel-finished whiskey from WhistlePig is part of its Old World series, a trio of wine-cask-finished 12-year-old ryes developed by Dave Pickerell, the well-known craft spirits consultant and former Maker’s Mark distiller. Madeira, a fortified wine made on the Portuguese island of the same name, is known for its distinct caramel, roasted nuts and stewed fruit notes. The base rye, is made in Indiana from 95% rye and 5% malted barley,
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    3 WhistlePig Estate Oak Rye 15 Year
    Rich & Full Bodied
    This 100% rye mash whiskey debuted in May 2016 and is the oldest expression to date in WhistlePig's lineup. While waiting for the distillery's own whiskey to finish aging, they use juice sourced from Canada to bottle as their own. It has spent 15 years maturing in three types of casks: new, charred American oak barrels; former bourbon barrels; and new, charred Vermont white oak. It was developed with terroir in mind as the star of this show is the white oak grown on the Vermont distillery's estate in Shoreham. It is bottled at 46% ABV.
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    2 Thomas H. Handy Sazerac Rye (Fall 2018)
    Thomas H. Handy Sazerac Rye (Fall 2018) is an uncut, unfiltered Kentucky straight rye and is one of five bottlings in the Buffalo Trace Antique Collection released each fall. This year's batch was distilled in spring 2012 and aged in Warehouses I & L. It is bottled at 128.8 proof.
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    1 High West A Midwinter Night's Dram
    Sweet & Fruity
    High West A Midwinter Night's Dram is a blend of straight rye whiskeys using whiskeys from MGP and Barton Distillery. Aged in new, charred American oak, the rye is then finished in French oak and ex-port barrels and bottled at 98.6 proof. The name is a take off of Shakespeare's famous play as this dram is a perfect way to keep you warm on a midwinter night. This is a seasonal release with different year releases listed as different acts. The scenes are just different bottling days. Note: As of 2018 (the 6th Act), High West has included their own distillate in the bottling.