The Top Community Rated Rums From Last Week

These rums were rated the most by the Distiller community last week.
Mar 30, 2020
  • 10
    10 Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum
    3 out of 5 stars
    ( 299 )
    Woody & Tart
    This popular spiced rum is produced by Sailor Jerry Ltd., a company founded to honor the sailor-turned-tattoo artist, Norman “Sailor Jerry” Collins. It is a blend of Caribbean rums that are infused with spices and natural flavorings including vanilla and cinnamon.
  • 9
    9 El Dorado 15 Year Rum
    4 out of 5 stars
    ( 338 )
    Sweet & Rich
    El Dorado has been produced at Demerara Distillers Limited since 1992 on Guyana. The 15 Year is a blend of aged demerara rums, some as old as 25 years, made in different styles of stills - Enmore and Diamond Coffey stills, Port Mourant double-wooden-pot-still and Versailles single-wooden-pot-still. The rums are blended and aged in ex-bourbon casks.
  • 8
    8 Novo Fogo Tanager Cachaça
    4 out of 5 stars
    ( 12 )
    Sweet & Fruity
    Novo Fogo cachaça begins with freshly cut, certified-organic, estate-grown sugarcane that is crushed within 24 hours of harvest and immediately fermented for no more than 18 hours. The Tanager (Portuguese for "little bird") is an expression that is aged in two different types of barrels. First, it is aged one year in Four Roses bourbon barrels that have been disassembled, sanded out and lightly re-toasted. Then that distillate is finished for 2 to 3 months in arariba (Brazilian zebra-wood), which imparts its red color.
  • 7
    7 Ron Zacapa 23 Sistema Solera Rum
    4 out of 5 stars
    ( 1002 )
    Sweet & Rich
    Ron Zacapa 23 Sistema Solera Rum was first produced in 1976 to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Guatemalan town of Zacapa. It's a rum made from raw sugarcane honey grown on the Zacapa estate high in the hills of Guatemala, extracted from the first pressing of sugarcane juice. It is then fermented using a proprietary strain of pineapple yeast and distilled in a copper-lined column still. After distillation, the rum is aged in a Solera process from a series of casks which once held bourbon, oloroso sherry and Pedro Ximenez sherry. The rums in the blend vary between 6 and 23 years of age.
  • 6
    6 Plantation XO 20th Anniversary Rum
    4 out of 5 stars
    ( 429 )
    Fruity & Sweet
    The Extra Old was released to mark Alexandre Gabriel’s 20th anniversary at the helm of Cognac Ferrand. The Extra Old showcases Plantation’s oldest Bajan rum reserves, aged for 12-20 years in bourbon casks. The selected rums are blended at Château de Bonbonnet in France and finished in small French oak casks for 12-18 months.
  • 5
    5 Clément VSOP Rhum Agricole
    4 out of 5 stars
    ( 83 )
    Sweet & Fruity
    Domaine de l’Acajou on Martinique was purchased in the late 1880s by Homère Clément, who sought to produce rhum agricole after learning distillation techniques from brandy estates in France. Clément VSOP Rhum Agricole is distilled from fresh sugarcane juice in a single-column copper pot-still. It's aged a minimum of 4 years in a combination of new French Limousin oak and re-charred ex-bourbon casks.
  • 4
    4 Pampero Aniversario Reserva Exclusiva Rum
    3 out of 5 stars
    ( 132 )
    Oily & Rich
    This is a non-age statement rum produced in Venezuela with the original distillery dating back to 1938. Originally produced in 1963 to commemorate the 25th anniversary of Industrias Pampero, Pampero Aniversario Reserva Exclusiva is distilled on a continuous column still from fermented sugarcane molasses and is comprised of rums aged 2-8 years.
  • 3
    3 Pyrat XO Rum
    3 out of 5 stars
    ( 257 )
    Pyrat was originally conceived in 1997 by the Anguilla Rum Company and has since been acquired by Patrón Spirits. It is a blend of rums sourced from throughout the Caribbean, though the majority of its makeup consists of a Demerara style from Guyana. The rums are aged in a combination of American (ex-bourbon) and French Limousin oak, for as little as 2 years and as much as 15. The shape of the bottle is a throwback to the style of decanters favored by sea captains and pirates. The medallion around its neck is said to symbolize Hoti, the Patron Saint of Bartenders, despite the bottle’s somewhat unwieldy shape.
  • 2
    2 Don Papa Small Batch Rum
    3 out of 5 stars
    ( 173 )
    Sweet & Rich
    Don Papa Small Batch Rum is distilled from sugarcane grown on the island of Negros, one of 7,500 islands in the Philippines. In the volcanic foothills of Mount Kanlaon, this rum matures for up to 7 years in barrels made from American oak before it is blended for bottling. Look closely on the label (thoughtfully designed in New York) and you'll find animals native to the country like the gecko and tarsier. Available in the US beginning May 2017.
  • 1
    1 Ron Diplomático Reserva Exclusiva Rum
    4 out of 5 stars
    ( 1055 )
    Sweet & Rich
    This is the Venezuelan distillery’s flagship rum, called “exclusiva” as a tribute to their 18th century founder Don Juancho Nieto Meléndez, who was always in search of exclusive flavors for his rums. It’s a blend of 12 year old copper pot-still rums made from both molasses and sugarcane honey, aged in ex-bourbon barrels.