Top Tequilas for National Tequila Day

National Tequila Day is July 24th! May we humbly suggest that you celebrate the big day with one of our favorite tequilas?
Jul 20, 2016
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    10 Siembra Azul 10th Anniversary Reposado Tequila
    Rich & Spicy
    To celebrate 10 years of business, Siembra Azul founder David Suro decided to tap his playful side and combined a reposado (aged between 2 - 12 months) with a touch of extra añejo (aged 3 - 5 years). All the agave used was between 5 - 8 years old at harvest, distilled in a combination of copper and stainless steel pots as well as column stills. All of the distillate was aged in new Missouri white oak. Pushing the boundaries of tequila, this rare limited edition was created at the family distillery of Feliciano Vivanco y Asociados.
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    9 Tequila ArteNOM Selección de 1579 Blanco
    Fruity & Sweet
    The mountain town of Jesús María is the highest point in all of the tequila agave growing regions, and the El Pandillo Distillery-- located in the middle of these agave fields-- is one of the most forward-thinking and sustainable distilleries of all tequila. Master distiller, Felipe Camarena crafts this Highland style from stressed hillside agave plants which are slowly roasted in brick ovens. They are then macerated intact with fiber for a pronounced agave flavor that he then dilutes with 50% captured rainwater and 50% high mineral spring water.
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    8 Arta Tequila Extra Añejo
    Rich & Sweet
    Arta Tequila is a family-owned brand located in the Tequila Valley region of El Arenal, Jalisco. They pride themselves on their sustainable practices and while they are not certified organic, grow their agave without the use of pesticides. This Extra Añejo is aged a whopping 5 years, with 3 of those years spent in American white oak (ex-Heaven Hill bourbon barrels) and a 50/50 split for the remaining two years in a combination of ex-Cognac and ex-sherry barrels.
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    7 t1 Tequila Reposado Excepcional
    Spicy & Fruity
    t1 is produced by Master Distiller Germán González, formerly of his family's Chinaco, of 100% Highlands blue agaves--especially mature in some cases. After slow autoclaving and double-distilling--and in the case of the reposado, spending six months in "very old" Scotch barrels, it is bottled in a distinctive, Aladdin-shaped bottle.
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    6 Corralejo Reposado Tequila
    Corralejo is known for its innovative techniques that date back to 1775 when the distillery first began producing tequila in Guanajuato. This reposado is aged 4 months in 3 different types of casks - French, American and white oak - to impart a variety of characteristics to this matured spirit.
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    5 Chinaco Añejo Tequila
    Rich & Oily
    Chinaco is the only brand of tequila made in the northern state of Tamaulipas, and in fact the owner of the distillery had to fight to have it included in the designated area for tequila production. These tequilas are distilled from Tamaulipas-grown agave both from the highlands and near the coast, as well as a small amount harvested from Jalisco. The añejo is aged two and a half years in casks formerly used to mature Glenlivet single malt (90%) and ex-Bourbon barrels (10%).
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    4 Clase Azul Reposado Tequila
    Rich & Fruity
    Bottled in a beautiful handmade and hand painted ceramic decanter. Inside is a distillate that is carefully aged for eight months in second-use oak barrels. It is then triple micro-filtrated to ensure the highest purity.
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    3 Dulce Vida Extra Añejo Tequila
    Rich & Spicy
    The extra añejo is aged over five years in used merlot and cabernet savuignon wine barrels from Napa Valley's Rombauer yielding a dark amber color with glints of ruby. Their agaves are 100% organic and like all of their releases, is 100 proof.
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    2 4 Copas Tequila Blanco
    Rich & Fruity
    4 Copas was founded by Hector Galindo Miranda The brand makes its tequila from 100% organic blue weber agave along with organic agave yeast in its production. The agaves are slow-cooked in traditional brick ovens. This clear, unaged spirit is bottled at 40% ABV.
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    1 Fuenteseca Reserva Extra Añejo Tequila 9 Años
    Fruity & Rich
    Enrique Fonseca's massive Tequileña distillery is a veritable laboratory of tequila production and the experimental lots of extra añejo that comprise the Fuenteseca project were never intended for commercial sale. These barrels were laid down in a subterranean cellar, where the cool environment was intended to allow them to age for years beyond what was otherwise considered desirable. This single-harvest tequila is a blend of column- and pot-distilled products which were vatted together before being aged in American oak ex-red wine barrels (85%) and used French oak (15%). This is the youngest batch of Fuenteseca but is still eons older than almost anything else on the market.