There is no such thing as bad whisky - some are just better than others.

  1. Myken Peated Sherry

    Peated Single Malt — Nordland, Norway

    3.5 out of 5 stars
    Norway's first-ever peated whisky was matured in 40 l seasoned Oloroso casks for 3 years, bottled at 47% ABV and given a craft presentation. Not overtly young, the nose starts off with chimney soot, dried fruits and fenalår. Hints of rosemary, stockfish and sweet cherries add some complexity. Peat smoke, orange zest and loads of pepper drive the aromatic and herbal-fresh taste of this youngster. With a salty edge of licorice and fading wood smoke, the finish dissolves into raspberry sweetness. At 3 years of age, this is a remarkably solid dram from Myken. RATING: 3.5/5.0 stars ≙ 83 pts → ABOVE AVERAGE
    79.0 EUR per Bottle
  2. Myken Hungarian Touch

    Single Malt — Nordland, Norway

    3.0 out of 5 stars
    Ever heard of Myken? Far out in the Norwegian Sea, this small island is home to 12 inhabitants - and the world's first Arctic whisky distillery! Partly matured in 50 l Hungarian oak casks, the nose of this young malt is fruity, spicy and yeasty. Gooseberries, mango and vanilla mix with juniper, cereals and hints of sawdust. On the palate, a briny punch of virgin oak dominates the vivid and youthful taste, followed by Greek yogurt, white pepper and unripe pears. Lemongrass, wood spices and espresso notes remain in the medium finish. Not bad for a 3-year-old! RATING: 3.0/5.0 stars ≙ 80 pts → AVERAGE
    69.0 EUR per Bottle
  3. Highland Park 18 Year

    Peated Single Malt — Islands, Scotland

    4.25 out of 5 stars
    Highland Park's excessive abuse of the Nordic mythology is really putting me off. However, let's review the old HP18, not the Edrington marketing dept. Very dense and round, the nose unfolds with orange peel, creamy toffee and subtle peat smoke. Apricots, heather honey and cloves emerge from the back. After a sweet and sour arrival, the palate develops with a complex array of flavors. Dried fruits, spices and oak take turns with ginger, mint and hints of coffee. Slightly dry and ashy, the medium finish fades. This great malt doesn't need any Viking BS! RATING: 4.2/5.0 stars ≙ 89 pts → FIRST-CLASS [+]
    110.0 EUR per Bottle
  4. Säntis Malt Appenzeller Single Malt Edition Dreifaltigkeit

    Peated Single Malt — Appenzell, Switzerland

    3.75 out of 5 stars
    If you frolic in the garden of eccentrics and oddballs, then Säntis Malt Dreifaltigkeit is an obvious 'must try'. Heavily peated and matured in old beer casks, this Swiss obscurity would scare off any vegetarian. An onslaught of smoky, meaty and fatty aromas dominates the nose, ranging from bacon and BBQ sauce to kippers and burned matches. On the palate, notes of hops, Guinness and bitter herbs wrestle with the thick peat blanket. Salmiak, Jamón and a touch of soap mark the intense aftertaste. A unique flavor bomb that you will either love or hate. RATING: 3.7/5.0 stars ≙ 85 pts → ABOVE AVERAGE [+]
    45.0 EUR per Bottle
  5. Dalwhinnie 15 Year

    Peated Single Malt — Highlands, Scotland

    3.5 out of 5 stars
    We do not want to become a malt snob, do we? Never lose appreciation of a simple but honest classic! Known as 'the honey malt', Dalwhinnie 15 is a great choice for beginners to set out on their whisky journey. Notes of heather, green pears and barley sugar complement the honeyed aroma. After a sweet, rich and full-bodied arrival, spices build up quickly with a mildly dry and bitter edge, but well-measured. The aftertaste is gentle, citric and wood-driven with hints of cinnamon and apple juice. A characterful Highlander which should not be overlooked! RATING: 3.5/5.0 stars ≙ 84 pts → ABOVE AVERAGE
    35.0 EUR per Bottle
  6. Jim Beam Pre-Prohibition Style Rye

    Rye — Kentucky, USA

    2.25 out of 5 stars
    It's budget week, so let's review this entry-level bottling from Jim Beam. The nose is fairly tame for a rye, in fact it appears more like a rye-heavy bourbon. Intense sweetness, cinnamon and furniture polish mash up with fresh oak, orange jam and hints of licorice. Simple but pleasant, I would say. Almost like the gates of hell opening, the palate is hot, burning and merciless. Turpentine, fermented apples and a clash of sweet and spicy notes lead into a woody and thankfully short finish. Probably a suitable bottle for Manhattan cocktails, but not the Glencairn. RATING: 2.2/5.0 stars ≙ 65 pts → INFERIOR [+]
    17.0 EUR per Bottle
  7. GlenAllachie 12 Year

    Single Malt — Speyside, Scotland

    4.0 out of 5 stars
    When Billy Walker said in an interview that 'running GlenAllachie is fun', he caught my interest. Can you have a better motivation? With its selection of PX, Oloroso and virgin casks, the 12-year-old expression offers a busy nose. Fruity acidity, butterscotch and shortbread are followed by cinnamon, clay and fresh mint. Full-bodied, peppery and slightly mineral, the taste features banana, sage and hints of mocha. After Eights, citrus zest and jelly babies accompany the cask-dominated finish. There are no shortcuts to quality, and this malt is ticking all the boxes. RATING: 3.9/5.0 stars ≙ 86 pts → FIRST-CLASS [-]
    40.0 EUR per Bottle
  8. Hibiki 21 Year

    Blended — Japan

    4.5 out of 5 stars
    In Kyoto, you can buy the most exquisite green tea cookies on this planet: quality ingredients, perfectly composed, but utterly expensive. The same applies to Hibiki 21. On the nose, papaya, kiwi and subtle hints of soot mix with sandalwood, dried herbs and incense. Like a roller coaster, the taste catapults you through the flavor wheel: juicy, fruity, spicy and floral, intense and rounded, this blend sparkles like a diamond. Mizunara, icing sugar, and, I kid you not, green tea cookies with white chocolate crown the slowly fading finish. A world-class whisky! RATING: 4.5/5.0 stars ≙ 91 pts → SUPERB
    678.0 EUR per Bottle
  9. Auchentoshan Solera

    Single Malt — Lowlands, Scotland

    4.25 out of 5 stars
    Prejudices can be a tricky thing. An overpriced NAS Auchentoshan - this 'Solera' can't be good! Well, it is. Finished in PX casks and bottled at 48% ABV, the nose of this Lowlander is delightful, complex and layered. Dark fruits, Christmas spices and white chocolate harmonize with rosewater, orange peel and hints of thyme. On the palate, the flavors shift to stone fruits, mild pepper and quality wood, and there is an herbal edge with mint, coffee and walnuts migrating into the medium length finish. I thank the 'Toshan Man' for recommending this treat! RATING: 4.2/5.0 stars ≙ 89 pts → FIRST-CLASS [+]
    148.0 EUR per Bottle
  10. Cask Ends 7 Year Islay Single Malt (Cadenhead's)

    Single Malt — Islay, Scotland

    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Sourced from an undisclosed Kildalton distillery, this Cadenhead's malt presumably is one of the rare independent bottlings of Lagavulin. Mineral peat smoke, oysters and coal tar take you swiftly to Islay, with notes of pine needles, anise and seaweed emerging from the background. An impressive nose for a 7-year-old whisky! Raw and pungent, the arrival hits the palate with a wave of peat. Dry citrus, honey and bitter resin follow closely behind, leading to a prolonged, briny and slightly rough finish. This is 'Big Peat on steroids' and a silver bullet against colds. RATING: 3.9/5.0 stars ≙ 86 pts → FIRST-CLASS [-]
    25.0 EUR per Bottle
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