Redbreast Lustau Edition

Single Pot Still — Ireland

3.5 out of 5 stars
Well my affection for the 12 year runs deep. I also love sherry finished scotch or bourbon for that matter(Belle Meade). I figured the combo of the luscious pot still and sherry fruit notes would be a great marriage....lets find out. Poured neat, nose brings subtle notes of malt, dusty book jacket, macadamia and buttery oak. Very similiar the the 12. If you are patient and dig a little deeper you can get some of the sherried fruits but they are not in your face. Typical excellent pot still mouthfeel is a highlight. Palate is creamy malt and avocado oil with some nutty flair and dusty oak just like the 12 but we now get tangy fruit trying to cram into the experience. Its not entirely cohesive imo. This continues on the finish with the tannic spin of the sherry modifying the rich buttery oak cleanness that Redbreast is known for. It doesnt ruin it per se just muddles the waters a bit. This sounds like a negative review but I really do like the whiskey. Its just the balance is a bit off for me. I prefer the natural purity of the 12 yr but this is one that many will love. In the end I cannot drop this much below an A rating but I prefer the standard 12 ........86/100.....Both are same price in my area
60.0 USD per Bottle
  • rawalker

    I agree. Not as good as the 12. a huge Redbreast fan as well and the 12 is a staple. I was super excited to try this but was definitely disappointed. The strong wine/sherry/tannin did not work for me.

  • Cornmuse

    It's my Sunday afternoon candybar - or the Belle Meade (preferably cask select). Nice review!

  • Scott_E

    Good review. In wondered if this was “better” than the 12 and with the extra expense. I was hoping this would on par or better. I will stick with the 12 or 12CS.

  • CKarmios

    I wonder if the whiskey’s relative youth is a cause for that dissonance