Drumshanbo Single Pot Still

Single Pot Still — Ireland

2.75 out of 5 stars
(Good Spirits Co. Glasgow – Virtual Irish Whiskey Tasting, 22 January 2021). Distilled at the Shed Distillery in Leitrim Kentucky bourbon and Oloroso sherry casks Uses malted and unmalted barley and oats in the mashbill Nose: Creamy, vanilla, spices, raisins. Nuts / marzipan Palate: Dried fruit, chocolate. Slightly bready. Finish: Citrus & orange. A medium/long nutty finish with a slightly dusty aftertaste Came joint second out of the six whiskies, with 14% of the final vote for favourite of the night. (59% of those present said they enjoyed the whisky). All of the whiskies in the tasting came very close together in the vote for favourite.
50.0 GBP per Bottle