New Amsterdam Vodka

Unflavored Vodka — California, USA

Tasted April 1, 2021
2.5 out of 5 stars
For the price you could do a lot worse. Yet for just a few more dollars you could buy Smirnoff and get an overall better if much more neutral product. It smells strongly of rubbing alcohol yet on the mouth it is fairly smooth. Like Smirnoff this has a texture approximating water albeit this feels oiler and unlike Smirnoff it doesn't finish with a subtle but sweet corn taste but rather a surprisingly harsh and lingering bitterness. Nonetheless that bitterness may not be bad. As the expert Review notes, this may actually enhance some of the spicier Bloody Mary recipes and I will go on the record as saying it makes for more interesting vodka and tonic. All in all a solid cheap vodka that works well when you want a touch of bitterness. Unlike Smirnoff though I wouldn't drink this neat or with just soda water so objectively it's a lesser product though it has its niche. Popov, Smirnoff and New Amsterdam rightfully dominate the bottom shelf vodka market.