Booker's Bourbon Batch 2018-01 Kathleen's Batch

Bourbon — Kentucky, USA

5.0 out of 5 stars
$69.99 @ BevMo One of the better batches of Booker's in recent memory. Big Vanilla and Oak smacks you in the face upon entry. Followed by a swell of clove and baking spices on the mid palatte. Finish is more vanilla and oak, with some tobacco. The finish is long and a bit drying, however, it's never out of balance. This Bourbon is most remarkable for it's drinkability and smoothness at this proof. Adding a few drops of water does mellow it, however, I prefer it neat. Outside of the stellar Bluegrass batch, this is the best Booker's batch in the last 2 yrs. Any fan of high proof Boubon must buy this!
69.99 USD per Bottle
  • dubz480

    If you haven't already try the Old Forrester 1920. Another fantastic high proof Bourbon and a little cheaper than Booker's!

  • BourbonNut

    I agree. This stuff is fantastic!