Bombay Sapphire Gin (40%)

London Dry Gin — England

3.0 out of 5 stars
Blind gin tasting, Sydney, April 20, 2019. On Saturday I took part in a blind tasting of 9 gins and I'm recording the group consensus notes here in order of increasing score. Gin #8 on the card was Bombay Sapphire (40%), a gin which I've not had for a long time and I was surprised that it was voted slightly higher on the day than Hendricks. The nose was thought by everyone to be gently herbal, earthy and citrus with a well-defined juniper background (that's my notes). The palate was considered well balanced with a forward juniper character but little else of note. Where it impressed was in the balance and the fact that it was an excellent mixer. My notes read "Sweetly juniper-forward with excellent balance, little complexity but no off-notes, a light citrus/pine aromatic hint, plays really well with tonic". The average rating was 3, which is exactly what I gave it. After the reveal it was generally agreed by all that for the money this is a good value gin. "Above Average" : 3 stars
44.0 USD per Bottle