Wild Turkey Master's Keep Revival

Bourbon — Kentucky, USA

4.5 out of 5 stars
The sherry on the nose is very evident, and it tricked my brain into thinking that I might have grabbed a scotch by mistake. There is something that reminds me of a sweet, fruity, cakey dessert. On the palate, I get a strong rye spice from the start that lingers through the finish. Along with the rye, I get cream and definitely some shortcake. There is some heavy mintiness, which is a quality that I normally don't like, but it works a lot better with the cream and dessert flavors. This is a nice whiskey- not necessarily something that I'd want to drink all the time(nevermind the price and availability making that an impossibility) but it's a nice treat. I'd buy this again despite being well over $100 a bottle.