Whip Saw Rye

Rye — USA

3.25 out of 5 stars
Taste: 1.5 oz neat in Glen Cairn and then 2 drops. Nose (3.0): There is a menthol that hits me, almost like a eucalyptas cough drop which is a bit off putting. I get rye, dill, and green fruit. Not my favorite nose. Taste (3.5) : I get a very raw rye taste, a bit of dill, some chocolate, and tart berries. That menthol lessens its grip, but is still there and is my major complaint. Not sure if it is more menthol now or like chewing rye seeds. More maneageable on the palate then when it overwhelmed my nose a bit. My first sip affirms that this is to be experienced more as a rye "experiment" than a conventional rye whiskey. I knew it going in, no doubts now. The mouthfeel is thicker and coating. It is a full, rich spirit. Finish (3.0): Longer and drier. I get a fresh young wood type flavor that isn't particularly bad but it is not delicious either. The wine barrel finishing is definately present here and I think that is what might save the finish from being a disaster. Overall: I was hoping for something like MWND, but got something closer to Catoctin Creek (which I did not enjoy). There is interesting notes in here, and the wine idea is interesting, but to me the rye is too young. My mind is always open to new finishing as although I tend to like traditional well crafted, aged bourbons and ryes I have really enjoyed some of the finished ones (WT Revival, MWND, Rieger'sto name a few). To me this one just isn't good enough executed rye. When it is as high a rye in the mash as this, it has to be aged well. This just isn't that.
  • dubz480

    @Swahili1 yeah I liked it for what it was and the money. His new one (Lip Service) I think is better and cheaper to boot!

  • Swahili1

    @dubz480 this would have been better I think with a bit lower rye and more corn in the mashbill. It didnt do that much for me. It is interesting but too odd for me.

  • dubz480

    Great review as always. Sagamore Port Finished is the closest I can find to MidWinter Profile!