Jim Beam Distiller's Masterpiece

Bourbon — Kentucky, USA

5.0 out of 5 stars
I hate to harp on this but as per usual the "expert" reviewer had absolutely botched this review up. To even make the statement that the finish "hits you like a 2*4 to remind you it's from the US of A" tells me all I need to know about his credibility. @Mikkel definitely needs to look at who is assigned to review American Whiskey because this bias is pretty prevalent on here and honestly and this point I have no faith in their reviews. Ok, no I am off my high horse! For those of you that have read my reviews I hope trust I am impartial and love Whiskey expressions for all over the globe so here goes a fair review of what is truly an exceptional dram... It enters rich and soft with a pronounced orange marmalade note. Vanilla and cinnamon are layered in with a toasted oak back bone. Mid palette brings some dark red fruit notes... Both dried and fresh... Tobacco and baking spices lead the long finish which brings back more toasted oak. The balance is exceptional. The mouthfeel is exceptional. The Bourbon is unique and exceptional. Cheers all!
219.0 USD per Bottle
Bourbon Charity
  • BillyT

    Thanks for setting the ‘expert’ reviewers straight. I find your reviews spot-on. DUBZ480 in 2020!

  • PBMichiganWolverine

    @dubz480 there was an “expert” review in a major publication recently ( I forget..New Yorker? Forbes?) that stated the best Scotch was a Seattle based Westland. The whiskey nerd in me immediately fell off the chair reading anything outside Scotland as Scotch

  • cascode

    @WhiskeyLonghorn Absolutely. While many reviews are helpful there are a lot that have become misleading over time. The site also needs some editing to clean up duplicate entries, combine unnecessary batch entries, make individual batch entries where appropriate, etc.

  • dubz480

    @WhiskeyLonghorn on this one what bugged me was the reference to lumber and associating that with American Whiskey... it's a Miopic view of American Whiskey an candidly inaccurate. It came across as biased to me as have quite a few "expert" reviews.

  • WhiskeyLonghorn

    I'm not paying to close of attention to the "expert" reviews anymore. There seems to be core group of folks whose judgments (such as your own!) line up with my preferences, and I've started taking my cues from that instead of the expert recommendations. I wish they'd go back and re-review more stuff they first tasted when the site launched. A lot of tastes are outdated and representative of batches or bottles that have changed.

  • PBMichiganWolverine

    A 5 star from @dubz480 in the American bourbon/whiskey/rye scene is a heavy must buy recommendation. This one is still available here—-pricey at $150

  • dubz480

    @Swahili1 when you are in AZ I will work with the Community to make sure you get a sample of this... it's really something special!

  • Swahili1

    after reading this review I am now kicking myself even more that I didn't buy one of these when I was at the distillery in June! As an advocate of most things Beam this sounds right in my wheel house. I cheaped out then, but if I come across this again it is a done deal. I know you don't give 5's easily.