Old Fitzgerald Bottled in Bond 15 Year (Fall 2019)

Bourbon — Kentucky, USA

3.75 out of 5 stars
I graciously received a 2oz sample over the weekend and was able to do a side by side comparison between it and the open 9yr I had handy. Before we dive into my notes and thoughts a little about the Old Fitzgerald line. It's a twice annual highly allocated release from Heaven Hill Distillery. It features their Wheated Bourbon Mashbill (70% Corn, 20% Wheat and 10% Malted barely) like their Larceny line. It is also designated as Bottled in Bond so therefore comes with an ABV of 50%. This specific release is also age stated at 15yrs, the oldest ever Old Fitz Release with the highest price tag to compliment that! Let's dive in: It enters pretty soft given its age and ABV with very rich notes of butterscotch and burnt brown sugar. Chocolate covered strawberries leads the mid palate with some old leather. The finish is pretty lengthy and dominated by oak and a ton of wood spices. It's very pronounced but I do think it does a nice job of balancing the earlier sweetness. It's not over oaked in my opinion but Heaven Hill should probably stop here and not release a bigger age statement for this expression. In conclusion I think this is a well executed aged Bourbon that strikes me as if Heaven Hill were trying to replicate the Elijah Craig 18 yr profile. This one isn't as good as that nor is it the best Old Fitz they have released (I personally like the 13yr and 9 yr quite a bit more than it). It's still excellent just not outstanding. Cheers all!
159.0 USD per Bottle
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  • dubz480

    @PBMichiganWolverine even at retail it's a pass for me personally based on taste. Worth seeking a reasonably priced pour though, it's a tasty well aged Bourbon.

  • PBMichiganWolverine

    Sounds like they peaked at 9-13, and now the price may not justify it anymore ?