Redemption Barrel Proof 10 Year Straight Rye (2017 Edition)

Rye — Indiana, USA

4.25 out of 5 stars
Late FRyeday Review and it's a good one! This is the Redemption 10 yr Barrel Proof Rye Batch 2 (95/5 MGP sourced)... It's not often these days that you can find a Whiskey that's excellent, available and arguably undervalued.... And that's exactly what we have here! Let's dive in... Upon entry it's viscous and really mouthcoating.. initial notes are toffee and dried dark fruits with some leather in there as well... As you get to the mid palate leather and oak kick in with a dash of pepper and rye spice... finish is lengthy filled with spice, caramel that dark fruit note and oak lingers! Any rye lover I think would really appreciate this one a lot. For comparison I have recently sampled a Willett 10 yr and the Old Carter Rye Batch 1 (both also MGP sourced) and I have to say I prefer this over both of those. Cheers All!
79.99 USD per Bottle
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  • Ctrexman

    I thought the James Pepper barrel proof was fantastic...this is same juice with a lovely age statement.....great review