Booker's Bourbon Batch 2015-01 "Big Man, Small Batch"

Bourbon — Kentucky, USA

5.0 out of 5 stars
[Batch #: C07-A-12 / 7yrs; 0mos / 65.3%ABV] - Sweetness of the corn, Apple Betty, cinnamon and leather are on the nose. The palate immediately discerns the oak tannins, drying the mouth. Definitely hot and spicy (think concentrated Red Hots), pushing the limits but never exceeding those bounds. The tongue is instantly anesthesized. A bitter, extremely dry oak finish with a fair amount of tongue burn. Like licking the dry stave of bourbon-soaked cask. As sweet as it is on the nose, it's deceivingly hot and dry. Imbibing at cask strength is definitely a daunting challenge. A healthy dose of water does not dimish the noses' sweetness, but decreases the cinnamon and leather. The sweet profile without the spice is dominate. Water makes it an easier dram to manage and definitely recommended. Without it, hair will grow in the wrong places. I am a "scotch guy" but this is a bottle I will make sure I always have available. [94/100]. [Tasted: 3/2/15 @ Black Eyed Sally's, Hartford] [Opened: 4/12/15].
Black-Eyed Sally's Southern Kitchen & Bar