Delord Armagnac 25 Year

Armagnac — Bas-Armangac, France

4.25 out of 5 stars
This is rich, complex, and balanced. It's immediately fruity with a clear cherry presence. The cherry might be a bit much, but it is good. There is just the right amount of spiciness with cinnamon driving it. Cocoa builds the richness and enhances the wood by calming its harshness. There is plenty of sweetness but there is some woody bitterness that balances it. It's reminiscent of Glenfarclas, but is still clearly a brandy. There is caramel and some butterscotch. Vanilla is prominent and the spices also include allspice. There might be a little mild nuttiness like pecan in the wood, but it isn't much.
58.0 USD per Bottle