Octomore Ten Years Dialogos

Peated Single Malt — Islay, Scotland

Tasted July 13, 2020
3.0 out of 5 stars
Tasting the Octomore 10 years - The Outlier 09.4/167 ppm/56,8%. Nose: really not as peaty as I was expecting “the highest ppm whisky” to be. Actually really pleasant and smooth. The peat also isn’t chemical or plastic-like. It is more thick and sweet. But it has a cold and wet earthyness to it. I like it. There also is a lingering fruitiness as well, with sour apples plus some fresh cucumber and bitter walnuts. Interesting is a wet fermented straw smell. Palate: also not as peaty as I was anticipating. It is really hot and keeps on maintaining a hot chili burn into the quiet long finish. The taste itself is good though. Very creamy sweet like hard milk caramel sweets. But now - yeah - the peat is definitely something. But it can be handled very easily and gives you enough room to “see” the actual whisky-flavors behind. After adding water it becomes a lot more drinkable and even more enjoyable. In fact dangerously drinkable and delicious. Watering it down really keeps the hot burn in check and releases even more sweetness. That was unexpected. I like it. Did I mention it is really sweet. My goodness - I didn’t know whisky can be this sweet. I actually would rate it higher if it would be less sweet. But this level of sugary sweetness after adding water is insane.