Paul John Nirvana Single Malt

Single Malt — India

3.25 out of 5 stars
N: Lychee in fruit syrup. Seriously. Something herbal, even bordering on medicinal, in it. Citrus zest pops with a hard swirl. Ripe fruits follow, a little strawberry, pear, maybe peach. And then lychee slaps you in the face again like walking the dessert lane at a Chinese buffet. P: Fruity and crisp, yet still plenty sweet. The ripe fruits and citrus all kinda get thrown in a blender. Maybe one lychee on top for good measure, but more subdued on the palate. There's an indistinct yeasty, bready flavor that shifts to a light spice finish that's somewhere between cinnamon and ginger. Slick, coating, slightly oily mouthfeel. And a lingering bitterness that's almost hop-like, but also gives that tannic pucker in the cheeks. Do you know that moment before the orchestra starts playing and all the musicians are warming up, playing their own notes, and then the conductor signals and those disparate tunes merge into one cohesive sound? This is like that, but with no conductor to give the signal, so it's dissonance on repeat. Honestly, that's not so bad - interesting things happen - but it's not so good either. It's no symphony. Worth the adventure if you like it fruity.
40.0 USD per Bottle
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