New Riff Maltster Malted Wheat Bourbon

Bourbon — Kentucky, USA

4.0 out of 5 stars
Neat. Neck pour. Just opened the Malted Rye. It’s good but not great. Intriguing though. It was like no other New Riff product. This is its brother but instead of Malted Rye, we have Malted Wheat. This is the first New Riff with Wheat that I am aware of. Coming of the Malted Rye these are definitely cousins. The blood orange is turned down in comparison and this is much softer. The malt feels like it has more room to breathe here. Similar notes otherwise. Toffee, butterscotch, short bread cookie. This is more traditionally New Riff the longer I sit with it. Oh the honey. It’s darkening up too. Graham cracker with that honey and a caramel is emerging. I like this one more in the nose. Silky smooth again, great mouth feel. Brown sugar, powder sugar and cinnamon up front. Strong toffee and honey. Oh the honey. Shortbread cookie and caramel drizzle on the finish. This is yummy and more characteristically New Riff. Oh the honey again on the finish. Man, that honey note. I get honey on many of the New Riff single barrels I have and it is strong and delicious here. I can detect a slight hint of youngness. The malted wheat doesn’t mask it as well as the Malted Rye I guess but still, further excitement of how great New Riff will be as the years add on.
  • dhsilv2

    making me regret passing on these....but then I remember what I spent on whisky this week while trying to cut back.

  • keith38506

    I agree with you that this is the best of their malted. Wish I could have bought more than one.