Things We Love: Whiskey Advent Calendars

November 22, 2017

Thanksgiving marks the start of the holiday season. Soon we will all be in total gift-giving mode. But we must admit, the actual shopping part gives us anything but holiday cheer. So when we first heard about whisky advent calendars, you better believe our ears perked up.

Drinks by the Dram launched in 2010 as a way to provide spirits enthusiasts with an opportunity to sample a product before purchasing an entire bottle. They now have over 5,000 spirits available in single serving sized bottles (30ml/1 oz). And their advent calendars take this idea to another level.

Just in case you aren’t familiar, advent is Latin for arrival, and it marks the beginning of the four week period before Christmas. Typically, advent begins on the Sunday closest to St. Andrew’s Day. Advent calendars, however, don’t follow these days as such. The calendars begin on December 1st and mark the 24 days prior to Christmas. Most advent calendars have paper doors for each day, revealing a bible verse or piece of chocolate each day.

For these calendars, chocolate is replaced by whisky. Which is like replacing your Corvette with a Maserati.


Drinks by the Dram curates themes for the calendars, selecting 24 different products for each one. There’s the standard Whisky Advent Calendar, which includes a selection of Irish, Scotch, and bourbon whiskey, as well as other world whiskies. As a special bonus, they include a whisky that sells for £600 ($795) per bottle. This Whisky Advent set comes in either a “Rudolph nose red” or their standard craft box.

Whiskey Advent Calendars: Whisky Advent Calendar Whisky Advent Calendar / Photo Credit: Drinks by the Dram

There’s also a Premium Whisky version, which is a step up in selection, including a sample of a 50 year-old scotch. For you high-rollers, there’s an Old and Rare collection just for you and your loved ones. Whiskies featured in this calendar include a single cask release from a closed distillery, with nearly all drams aged at least 25 years. You’ve even got the option for a bespoke wooden box, available in either walnut or macassar ebony.

Bourbon and Irish whiskey drinkers are well taken care of as well with lovely surprises inside. For you Japanese whisky fans, pay special attention. Last year’s version sold out not once, but two times. So act now or forever hold your peace!


You can be surprised and not peek at the selections before you buy. But if you just have to know which whiskies are included, they’ll let you know. But at least you can still have a little fun by not knowing what day you’ll get what selection. They won’t reveal that information.

Whiskey Advent Calendars: Old and Rare Advent CalendarOld and Rare Advent Calendar / Photo Credit: Drinks by the Dram

These make amazing gifts, but you mustn’t forget to grab one for yourself. But do act quickly. December 1st is just around the corner and you don’t want to miss out on the fun. We here at Distiller have decided on the Scotch Whisky Advent Calendar, so expect to see our reviews of the featured drams each morning from December 1st on through Christmas Eve.

One more thing to note, if the person you’re gifting this year just isn’t that into whiskey, dont worry! They have all spirits covered; from cognac to tequila to gin. They’ve even included vodka and absinthe this year.

So there you have it. Holiday shopping. Done and done.

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