Bottle Creation Guidelines

Getting Started

Before you create a new bottle in Distiller, please take a quick moment to read our guidelines. If you don't follow these guidelines your pages may be edited or removed, and your account may be banned.

1) Double check!
Are you absolutely sure this listing doesn't already exist in Distiller? Make sure by searching a few times, spirit names can be expressed in a number of different ways, so you may have just been searching using a different naming convention.

2) How to name your bottle:
Please follow this naming convention when creating a request page: Brand Name + Product Name + Age Statement + (Any extra details).

3) Please check your spelling!
We get thousands of review requests every year, and a large number of them contain misspellings. People wonder why we don't have a page for what they're looking for, but they've just been spelling the product name incorrectly.

4) Take the best photo you can!
When you're taking the photo of the bottle, make sure there's plenty of light, you take the photo straight on, and the label is readable. If you are uploading an image for your bottle, do not upload a screenshot of a webpage. Save the image of the bottle to your camera roll and upload that. Screenshots will be removed and your bottle adding ability will be taken away if this rule is not followed.

5) Only create review requests for real products.
This should go without saying but if you intentionally create pages for fake products we'll remove them and your access to this feature may be revoked and your account may be suspended or banned.

6) Only create review requests for spirits that fall into our 8 main spirit categories:
Whiskey, Rum, Agave (Tequila/Mezcal), Brandy, Gin, Vodka, Liqueurs or Other spirits. No wine. No beer.

7) Creating intentionally fake review requests will result in an immediate ban.

8) No hate speech, slurs, or swearing.
Creating pages that contain offensive words or images that are not part of an official product name or packaging will result in an immediate ban.

9) No spamming!
Spamming the service will result in an immediate ban.

10) Make sure you're sure.
Double check all of the information you entered before hitting the final submit button.

You've reached the end, cheers!