Noah's Mill Bourbon

Bourbon — Kentucky, USA

Tasted February 7, 2021
3.75 out of 5 stars
A great rich bouquet awaits you on the nose with this full proof Willett offering with some ginger raisin spice cake notes, a lot is happening here. A forward ginger rye spice cake with some dark molasses sweetness, and notable dark fruit sugars makes way for what is one of the odder spice arrays in bourbon, almost english leather meets old spice with a touch of high karate(lime version) for effect. Noah's Mill doesn't fail to deliver on some unusual bourbon notes and then some. That rich sweetness in the nose never fully takes shape through the mids as the opening spice bomb shifts into all of those after shave scents, this one will really take the old timers back to the much simpler days of soda commercials and tv cigarette adds. It's hard to say how much the average palate will take to that spectrum of perfumey spices. Willett can at the least take a big bow for not offering up the usual suspect high proofer and making something actually worth while, even if a bit off the center mark of bourbon normal. Cheers!