21 seeds

Bacanora Blanco — USA

Tasted March 20, 2021
4.0 out of 5 stars
Great for margaritas and very enjoyable tequila. A female-owned business infused with fresh fruits and vegetables in Mexico where the tequila is made. Blanco tequila is normally very harsh but with 21 Seeds Tequila it’s flavor forward, smooth, and easy to drink. Normally you would brace yourself like your going to experience harsh tequila, and then that grimace turns into this smile, and it’s almost like it’s a new category because you don’t know where to place this beverage in their heads. The tequila brand features three flavors –cucumber jalapeno, grapefruit-hibiscus and Valencia orange – and it’s distributed in California, New Jersey, and New York, plus a few other places where people have specifically sought it out. In the near future, the brand will expand to Texas, Arizona, Hawaii, and Florida.
30.0 USD per Bottle