Cutwater Long Island Iced Tea

Ready to Drink — California, USA

Tasted April 3, 2021
2.75 out of 5 stars
On the fence about this offering. At first I didn't like it much at all with the tequila seemingly overwhelming all else. But as I sipped on not only did it began to grow on me but I began to appreciate the formidable 13% ABV. This gives you an instant buzz as any respectable LIT should. Unpacking the flavors the tequila, cola & citrus flavors are most prominent with the gin showing up at the finish. The spirits used are of the Cutwater brand so very decent if not outright spectacular and as far as an RTD goes this is actually pretty decent and actually even tastes better than some LITs I've had at less reputable dive bars. After finishing the can I realized what my gripe was. The cola was just on the flat side and a bit artificial. Given it's prominent role in the mix that's a bit of a shame, especially since more carbonation could have gone a long way. Nonetheless if you're looking for a quick way to get buzzed this is a great option and a cut above Monaco RTD's which are my go-to for instant buzz. Don't let my lukewarm review stop you from giving this a go. It gets the job done and definitely tastes as it should.