Maker's Mark Bourbon

Bourbon — Kentucky, USA

Tasted April 6, 2021
3.75 out of 5 stars
I can't get a good handle on the smell. At times it smells wretched, like paint thinner and I'm not the only one of my friends that has commented on it. Other times it's quite pleasant if very simple, smelling of vanilla and corn. Where this Bourbon truly shines though is on the palate. The vanilla is kicks things off before giving you a surprisingly bready-flavor. Almost as if you just bit some fresh bread. Quite yummy! The mid to back palate is that of bitter chocolate before the vanilla finishes us off with just the slightest hints of oak. It's a very tame experience going down smoothly. Quite a great beginner bourbon and excellent candidate to be a daily sipper. Just wish the nose profile was a bit better.