New Amsterdam Pink Whitney

Flavored Vodka — USA

Tasted April 6, 2021
2.25 out of 5 stars
I really wanted to like this drink but unfortunately I found it has a few major problems. You can't drink it straight, it's far too sweet for that and cloys easily. Chilling it does little to make it easy to sip. Only by drowning your glass with ice does this approach a good level of sweetness but it's so much ice required to make this mix work. Even then you're left with two problems. The first is that New Amsterdam vodka has a peculiar bitter after taste that just melds together with the bitterness of the pink lemonade making it a weirdly bitter affair despite the persistent sweetness. The second is that both ingredients, the vodka and pink lemonade taste cheap. It doesn't taste too artificial and I can see the appeal but it just wasn't the refreshing drink I was hoping for. Shame.