Evan Williams Black Label

Bourbon — Kentucky, USA

Tasted April 7, 2021
3.0 out of 5 stars
This is NOT a complicated bottle. Aroma is of corn, ethanol and the expected sweetness of bourbon. You can tell this is mostly made from corn and is over 40%. Taste wise you get what you smell. There is no complexity or surprises here. It tastes of generic bourbon with an overwhelming taste of corn, caramel (maybe more rightly stated caramel corn), overly sweet vanilla and molasses. You can catch a whiff of the oak at the end reminding you that this has been aged for four years. This is very, very sweet stuff. But unlike Jack Daniel's it just feels sugary rather than the weird artificial additives and odd sour note that reminds you that define Jack. Sure this is more generic and sickly sweet but at 43% it goes down so smoothly and the sweetness does wonders mixed. Recommend you drink it on the rocks to deal with the sugar but for the price this is my go to ultra-budget bottle.