Stellum Bourbon

Bourbon — (bottled in) Kentucky, USA

Tasted April 24, 2021
4.0 out of 5 stars
I love barrell to death... and love tasting it everywhere I go.... but averaging 70-150$ a bottle is tough on my low budget wallet. Welcome stellum. Simple, affordable, cask strength, well aged, balanced, straight to the point. It doesn’t lie about it’s origins. Low age (probably 2 years), straight outta Indiana, Kentucky, and Tennessee, blended by barrell, and full proof: full bodied. Had some nice notes all around, lots of balanced light oak, fruit, some maple as well. Subtle lingering heat and barrel spirit from the 118 proof, but just great all around. The guys who did this KNOW what they’re doing. It’s an example of an expert distiller/blender who makes easily 80-100$ bottle giving the entry level or cheapies something to have ready to sip in between barrell fancy releases.
55.0 USD per Bottle
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