Cutty Sark

Blended — Scotland

2.0 out of 5 stars
Cutty Sark, a no age ststement blended scotch whisky from The Erdington Group. Price $20.00, Sampled 1/13/16 with 1 teaspoon of water in a Glencairn spirits nosing glass. Aroma - Soured grain, corn, rough ethanol, movie butter, yellow cake and lime leaf. Taste - Light peach and apricot, malt, cereal, very thin and easy to down. Finishes very quickly overall. Final score : 2 / 5, for a 20 dollar bottle of scotch this is....ok... you could do slightly better for 20, but not a whole lot worse at the same time. This whisky is good for drinking long or as a mixer, but isn't worth slow sipping. For the price you'd might as get grab yourself a bottle of Speyburn 10 and have an infinitely better experience. Glad to have tried, don't feel too bad for the price I paid but, will not be buying another bottle.