Mezan Panama Rum 2006

Aged Rum — Panama

4.0 out of 5 stars
I've been trying outside my comfort zone of red wine and whiskey, and started dabbling a bit in rum. So far I've had two other rums---a Kraken and Don something-or-other. I found both extremely sweet, like sucking on an artificial sweetener. It turns out the reason is that most rums add sweetener, while this one is without sweetener or coloring. Sort of the non-chill filter and caramel color in whiskey trend I guess. I think this is the first rum I didn't find overly sweet, and complex enough to make it a hot midsummer night sipper. I still can't find anything on the nose like a whiskey, but the taste is definately of papaya, caramel, and tangy sweet fruits like kiwi. Quite good. I paid $50 for it...which makes think if good rum is any cheaper or not than a decent whiskey. Probably not.