Three Ships 10 Year

Single Malt — South Africa

3.0 out of 5 stars
I bought a sample of a South African whisky for the first time because it was highly rated by Whisky Magazine and reasonably priced. Glad I did as it was an interesting discovery. Nose: Delicate heather at first. After some time in the glass I detected a creamy berry note akin to some long lost soda from my childhood, or perhaps Cherry Coke. Delightful! (2/3). Mouth: Very smooth, with a rich melting honey texture. (2/3). Finish: Short - a little disappointing that the honey doesn't stick around longer (1.5/3). Bonus: 0.5/1 for value. Overall: 6/10. A very nice whisky with broad appeal, good for newbies and connoisseurs alike. Not the most challenging of drams, just a good all round easy drinker. I'd be happy to own a bottle. (Master of Malt sample 2/18/17)
  • Soba45

    As I was reading I was wondering where you got your samples from and then came to the bottom of the review. Have two shipments coming from both them and whisky exchange shortly. It's just a pity shipping to nz costs a fortune and I'm also praying i don't get stung by customs!