Glynnevan Double Barrelled Canadian Rye

Rye — Nova Scotia, Canada

3.0 out of 5 stars
(Batch #002) Another upstart craft distiller taking another company's whiskey and bottling it as their own, although *at least* the folks at Glynnevan are transparent that they're sourcing whiskey, and at least they're going through the effort of re-barreling it to add a bit more age (no sign of the East Coast, seaside character they're touting, though--Talisker this is not). On the other hand, there's no age statement, and no real sense of what the process is here: all we're given is the sense of "West meets East"--spirit from across the country is aged, shipped, re-barreled and aged again on the Canadian east coast, in Nova Scotia. That "west" there is a hint, and my guess based on tasting notes is that this stuff is being sourced from Alberta Distillers (makers of Alberta Premium, Canadian Club 100% Rye, Alberta Springs), but nose and taste suggest it's not the really cherry barrels (the ones being lifted by the likes of Whistlepig). Smell is sweet butterscotch, maple syrup, licorice, fuzzy marker (Sharpie or whiteboard marker?), just a hint of pickle juice and rye spice. Taste, despite the slightly elevated ABV, is a bit thin at first. Echoes of the nose: pancake syrup, licorice (especially black licorice), pickle, pepper, baking spice. Butterscotch and vanilla. Quite sweet, with a gingery, peppery heat. Distiller's notes aren't wrong--there is also something almost a bit rum-like here, like a vegetal Jamaican funk. Finish is ginger, pickle, and dry, unintegrated timber, more rum-funk. A mixed bag, all-in-all, but if you're a fan of the Canadian style, I can see how this might appeal more than many bottles in a similar ($45-ish) price range.