Invergordon 1973 42 Year (The Exclusive Malts)

Single Grain — Highlands, Scotland

4.0 out of 5 stars
< This review is specifically for a Maltbarn 44 yr old 1972 Invergordan that I had picked up from my travel > We're now in round 3 in our little Scottish distillery sampling team ( I'm guessing maybe 4-5 more rounds to go before we cover all the Scottish active distilleries ), and I supplied this as part of a "bonus" offering (in essence...something we find interesting enough to share outside the distilleries we normally sign up to provide). So...onto the review. I recently saw that new Spiderman movie, you know, the one where Spiderman is just a young teenager, getting mentored by Iron Man. Marisa Tomei played the character of Aunt May. Most of us grew up with Aunt May as this older grandmotherly woman. Well, Marisa throws that notion upside down. She aged so well, she's anything but grandmotherly type. Point is...she brings this certain " wow, she looks amazing" factor and turns the notion of a white haired older feeble grandmother upside down. Well, the 44 yr old Invergordan reminded me of that. You think "grain whisky" and immediately have these notions of lighter fluid. But, it goes to show that as you get up there in age, for some good grain whisky, that notion is turned upside down. I'm not going to do any more justice in tasting notes than Lee's excellent review below---so, I'll just leave y'all with the image of Marisa Tomei. ;-)
  • PBMichiganWolverine

    @Rick---oh I remember that one! Had that Karate kid guy Daniel-san and Joe Pesci

  • Rick_M

    I think I've watched My Cousin Vinnie a dozen times. The movie never gets old and she was fantastic!

  • LeeEvolved

    PB Michigan Wolverine...stealing everyone's thunder since 2005. Great "review", sir. 🤣

  • Camardicus

    Say no more... you had me at Marisa Tomei! :)