Haig Gold Label

Blended — Scotland

4.0 out of 5 stars
I was able to sample a bit of this thanks to my friend Pranay as an extra to our Scottish distillery trading group. It's a bottle from the 1940 King George V series. It's a blend and comes in at the standard 40% ABV. It's a beautiful copper color and smells overly sweet just by giving it a gentle swirl. The nose smells heavily of candied corn and raspberries. It's almost all sweetness, all of the oak notes have mysteriously vanished. There's a faint musty smell that permeates through the sweet notes. It isn't off-putting, just a little funky and weird. I get an immediate burst of perfume, heavy vanilla and corn on the tongue. It leads to a higher burning sensation than I expected from a blended whisky, especially one of this age. It's a clear indication that blending skills have come a long way since the WWII era, lol. The finish is pretty short and oily. The thicker mouthfeel is warm, it just doesn't really stick around. It's a solid experience considered just how old it is. It seems to have held up rather well. I know I'd never be able to have another whisky this old on my own. Thanks again to Pranay for the chance to try something of this vintage. 3.75 stars. Cheers, my friends.
  • Soba45

    Gees the whisky trading club has definitely tsken things up a notch in the whiskeys being traded! I'm turning 40 in Dec so I'll be busting open my 1977 Benriach which is currently the same age as me but not a patch age wise on a 1940s vintage!