Invergordon 1973 42 Year (The Exclusive Malts)

Single Grain — Highlands, Scotland

4.0 out of 5 stars
Disclaimer: this review isn't for the listed Invergordon, but for 2 separate samples: a young 9 year old sample, independently bottled by Battlehill, and a 44 year old, independent bottling by Maltbarn. I will sort this out when Distiller lets us add our own bottles soon. Anyway, hate to say this Lee, but the 9 year old was sooo waxy on the nose that I thought I was smelling the beeswax I use with bottling sometimes. Unfortunately, I got the same soap, sawdust, wax, and other notes that Paul described. I swear that I gave this a college try, but it was so tough for me to get through after this, and the Girvan, that I thought to myself "I will NEVER buy or drink a grain whisky ever again". Thankfully, Pranay sent the Maltbarn we got to try. I don't know if it has to be that old (44 years) in order to be really good, but wow, what a clear difference of quality. This isn't night and day, or black and white, even more unlike than that. On the 44 I was able to get vanilla cookies, tropical notes, and oak out the ying-yang. The palate was sweet with more of those same tones, but along with a slight twang from something I couldn't place. It may be the mineral aspect Paul was getting, but I enjoyed it a lot. Maybe it was close to iodine from brine/salt somewhere. Either way, a big thanks to Lee and Pranay for the chance to go "all the way" with Invergordon. I'll just rate the better of the two with a solid 4.0.
  • PBMichiganWolverine

    rick: the EH Four Grain is really good. Not sure $450 good though

  • Rick_M

    It is blended with a malt, however, to make your point.

  • Rick_M

    Pranay, people seem to like the Col Taylor 4 Grain and it’s young. 3 bottles sold at auction today for an average of $450 a bottle. I threw a few bids in there but got crushed. :)

  • PBMichiganWolverine

    I think you're right...maybe grain has to be old to be good? Or blended with a malt, like what Compass Box does?

  • LeeEvolved

    It’s okay Telex. That 9 year wasn’t very good, but I was able to salvage the remainder of the bottle for use in a couple of mixers. The 44 year that Pranay sent was miles and miles better. It’s like I’ve been preaching- Pranay brings the goods. I’m just along for the ride, haha. Nice review, cheers.